Tree Services & Forestry

Tree Services & Professional Forestry

Tree Services & Professional Forestry

V & V Land Management offers professional tree services and forestry management in Asheville, Knoxville, and the surrounding areas of East TN and Western NC. Services include: technical tree removal and pruning, chipping and material reduction, and small scale timber harvesting. We also provide expert site assessment and guidance, including the services of the region's most respected licensed foresters.

Our comprehensive forestry background and land management expertise allow a variety of options unavailable to most residential tree companies. This gives you solutions that accord with your specific circumstances and budget. Whether you need emergency tree removal, long-term residential tree care, or wish to establish a timber management plan for your property, you will find our communication and execution second to none.

Forestry and tree care services are among the most inconsistently priced and poorly executed of any in the land management industry. Often homeowners pay high prices for unnecessary equipment and procedures. In some cases, service providers are operating in an unsafe and careless manner, exposing homeowners and property to unnecessary risk. It’s essential that your tree care provider has good silvicultural knowledge, a well-trained staff, and rock-solid communication skills, in addition to verifiable insurance coverage. You may not know if your tree care efforts were successful until well after the job is done.

We pride ourselves in good communication and job-site precision. We work one job at a time, and are consistently able to under-price and out-perform the competition in virtually all tree-related fields. Whether you require a crane and large scale mobilization, or the removal of a single tree, we work with unmatched precision, striving for minimal impact and perfect clean-up. In addition, we are fully insured and maintain a 100% safety record over years of experience and technical removals. We are happy to provide insurance certificates upon request.

Tree Removal, Clearing, & Viewscape Clearing

We offer professional lot-clearing, site preparation, insect damage removal, storm cleanup, viewscape clearing, fire-load reduction and more. Our tree care services are among the most competitively priced in the area and unmatched for safety, professionalism and accountability.

We understand that often tree clearing is unavoidable and that budget is a serious concern. We believe in educating you so you can make choices that are both cost effective and ecologically sound. Trees are always part of a larger ecosystem and their removal has impacts that are both immediate and long term – “How will my landscaping fare if trees are removed… Which trees should be saved?… How can habitats be improved through tree removal?… Is this tree healthy?… Does it threaten my house?”… These are a few questions that often require answers before tree work is initiated.

We believe in planning for multiple objectives and can even provide a tree clearing strategy that assists you with other property goals such as access, site prep, views, privacy, invasive vegetation control etc.

Viewscape Clearing

At V&V, we believe sustainability means doing it right the first time. Viewscape management is more than simply chainsawing trees and chipping brush, it is a unique skill requiring silvicultural knowledge, ecological sensitivity, safety, and a full understanding of landowner goals.

For many mountain residents, the quality of their viewscape is the single most important criteria in home or site selection. We work to maximize viewscape potential while preserving the health and integrity of trees and habitat. There is often a specific task order that should be followed for each viewscape clearing. Failure to do so costs more and yields poor long-term results.

Planning is Key for Tree Removal

In haste to obtain dramatic viewscapes, landowners rarely get the information they need to formulate wise strategies. Considerations such as increased solar gain, habitat, fire risk and weather impacts, as well as effects on remaining vegetation and drainage, are seldom thoroughly considered.

Many homeowners unwittingly clear mature hardwoods from view sheds without thinking about impacts to wildlife habitat, especially songbirds. They also fail to consider the tangle of successional and invasive vegetation that arises in the absence of a shade canopy. Still others are left with damaged, diseased, or inappropriate trees. We believe all potential impacts should be thoroughly discussed with you before work begins.

Tree Removal

We’ve performed hundreds of successful tree removals in compact urban environments demanding the greatest care and foresight. Often the removal of one or more trees affects viewscapes, neighbor relations, habitat and the viability of adjacent trees and landscaping.

We strive for minimal impacts on existing lawns and landscaping and will not leave your site until you are completely satisfied. We work only one job at a time and have never had an on-site accident or injury.

V&V Land Management is fully licensed and insured.

Insect Damaged Timber

The Southern Pine Beetle, and more recently the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Emerald Ash Borer, have created nightmares for landowners in nearly all Southern states. Infested trees quickly become tangled “deadfall” rendering property unattractive and inaccessible, and creating fire hazards and lowering property values.

Few companies have developed cost-effective strategies to deal with the insect damaged timber. At V&V, we have hundreds of acres of cleanup under our belts and consider ourselves the leader in the field.

We have found that the most inexpensive and thorough method for mitigation is forestry mulching. This procedure generally allows one operator, safely enclosed in armored equipment, to do the work of a dozen or more laborers and chippers. The dead and tangled trees are rapidly reduced to mulch and spread evenly over the entire area in a single step. The work is done in a safe and cost-efficient manner and the landowner is left with a rich carpet of mulch.

When infested areas are cleared with conventional equipment, such as bulldozers and track hoes, top soils are stripped, keeper trees damaged, and enormous piles of debris left for burning or hauling. In addition, some form of erosion control is generally necessary to stabilize the site. With burning restrictions and prohibitive hauling and re-vegetation costs, this type of conventional clearing is becoming obsolete in all but the most rural areas.

V&V Land Management did an excellent job of getting several large oak trees off of our house! This happened the fall of 2016 as a result of high winds from Hurricane Matthew as it passed over the Asheville, NC area. They were able to remove the trees promptly and efficiently to avoid further damage. They were dependable, neat, and courteous, and chopped and stacked the wood for our future use. I highly recommend them.

- Gina Collias
Fairview, NC • October 2017

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